Our People

Our greatest assets are our people and this is why we focus on building an exceptional team of talent.

We encourage our staff to develop their skills and realise their potential:

  • Our safe, healthy and stimulating work environment encourages innovation so that everyone can make a difference
  • Employee performance and commitment is recognised and rewarded
  • We celebrate success at an individual, team and regional level.


To deliver our people vision, our people strategy is focused on four areas.

Diagram of our people

Our culture is entrepreneurial and innovative.

We provide training across Montego to help employees build on their strengths. From management training to building practical skills, we know that our business relies on the continuing development of our people.

We also carefully manage and measure performance, making sure that everyone involved in our work recognises how their performance is contributing towards the aims of our organisation.

Our rewards package is carefully designed to provide all our staff with a competitive salary and an annual bonus. We also provide pension and insurance benefits, including healthcare. Thanks to the benefits we offer, and the excellent working environment, our employee turnover figures are extremely low.