Taking responsibility seriously

Acting responsibly isn’t just good business practice, it makes good business sense too. We have a responsibility to our clients, shareholders, employees and the communities we work in. That’s why we are committed to investing in people, businesses and communities around the world.

Taking the long-term view

Any business operating in natural resources must think for the long-term. We invest in economic infrastructure and build relationships with host governments, producers and end-users to put firm foundations in place.

We also streamline logistics and develop assets as well as storage and processing facilities. By acting as reliable, forward-thinking partners, we deliver sustainable growth.

Enhancing our delivery

By encouraging our teams to assess their own achievements, we make sure that our business is continually enhancing performance. From regular policy audits to awareness building, we constantly review activities to establish ways to improve and build on success.

Our four key responsibilities

  1. Health, safety and the environment
    This comes before anything else. We transport potentially hazardous resources, and operate in dangerous locations. Any accident could create lasting damage to our reputation, which is why we adhere to the highest international standards.
  2. Community relations
    We rely on the active support of the communities we work amongst. We recruit locally, and work with community leaders to play an active role in local life.
  3. Economic development
    We work in a number of emerging economies and often act as a strategic partner. By improving infrastructure we can develop our own economic interests too.
  4. Our people
    We rely on attracting, retaining and developing talented people. We recruit locally, provide first-class training and offer incentives to reward excellence.