Our strategy is to deliver sustainable long-term growth. To achieve this, we must ensure that we balance the needs of funding, upstream services, exploration and production spend while also trading in natural resources and investing in our core assets.


With a number of operating companies spread across Africa, we are diverse enough to deliver our strategy across a range of markets, adding value as we go.

Diversification is key as it enables us to avoid the effects of a cyclical downturn in any single market. We don’t just diversify into new areas, but into related business sectors too. For instance, we have recently established a new onshore / offshore fabrication business.

We ensure our operating companies develop distinctive capabilities to compete and generate returns for shareholders. We ensure that any operating company has the skills and resources to deliver before taking on a project.

Financial strength

Underpinning our delivery is a strong balance sheet. Having a strong financial base is crucial, as it means we can invest in new exploration and production assets, plant and equipment, as well as trading capital and guarantees.

We also recycle capital, adding value to assets we acquire and divesting them when it makes economic sense. We are always looking for ways to generate value for our shareholders.

Our strategic priorities

  1. Execute selective, high-impact development and production programmes, funded by surplus cash flow or equity.
  2. Ensure our people, procedures and operations are safe, and minimise our impact on the environment.
  3. Deliver best-in-class solutions, focusing on service and project delivery.
  4. Deliver major projects, focusing on increasing our bankable reserves and our assets.
  5. Build long-term relationships with local governments, communities and key stakeholders.
  6. Manage our assets to optimise our portfolio and facilitate funding.
  7. Develop a strong team with excellent commercial, technical and financial skills.

How we deliver

We execute our strategy by concentrating on our three key strengths:

  • Strong teamwork
  • The right technology for each job
  • A genuinely entrepreneurial culture.

The Board and Executive team ensure that all our teams play an active role in our business development and desire for growth. They constantly adjust the balance between the pace of upstream services, natural resource trading, exploration, appraisal, development and production campaigns to maximise shareholder and stakeholder value.